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Library RFID Systems by D-Tech available from Murphy’s Security Solutions servicing all of Florida

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We are Murphy’s Security Solutions a direct partner with  D-Tech RFID. We provide the best in RFID quality and design for all of Florida. Get custom quotes on everything RFID for your library, from tags to state of the art self-checkout units.

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Our RFID hardware is fully compatible with any ISO tagged RFID library. If you are looking for Tags, Self-checkout units, staff pads or sortation, Murphy”s has it.

D-Tech RFID systems solutions help free up your staff from behind the counter and allow them to interact with the library visitors. D-Tech RFID & Lending Solutions allow the library staff to develop new services and benefits to visitors by providing faster and smarter RFID solution transactions.

The Jet™ is an exciting addition to D-Tech’s line of serveIT™ self-checkout
systems. The Jet™ kiosk is designed to maximize the functionality of self
service in a library while minimising floor space.

Jet’s™ basic configuration is a self-service kiosk that can checkout barcoded
material as well as RFID tagged items.  Additional options include a PCI
compliant credit card terminal as well as a coin and note/bill acceptor that gives
change plus Apple Pay™.

Jet’s™ large touch screen monitor is user friendly with easy to understand
instructions to assure patron success. The large checkout area for material
placement is sure to delight patrons with a lot of materials to checkout.

The Jet™ can also be configured to have two patron touch screens to further
save floor space. Options for the second touch screen include paying fines and
fees, reserving PC’s, looking up library and city information as well as being
used to return materials either into a bin or a D-Tech sorting system.

D-Tech’s Jet™ was designed with the future in mind, and that future is now!

Our D-Tech RFID systems have been awarded the platinum award in 2016 modern library awards from Library Works.

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