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IPad Lending Systems for Public and University Libraries

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Ipad Lending Systems for Public and University Libraries

With the whole world moving towards Apps as a way to get customers to use their products and services, the lending of IPad’s in university and public libraries is become a priority.  Unfortunately, it takes a great deal of staff time to lend, charge and manage applications.

The Netspot unit from Murphy’s Security Solutions take all of that burden from staff and increases not only device availability, but uptime as well in a library environment.

Netspot Lending Kiosk


Step 1 – Ipad Lending – Securely Lend 6 to 106 IPad’s Patrons check out IPad’s from the Netspot kiosk securely with a valid patron card through the libraries ILS system. IPad’s are circulated as they meet the minimum charging threshold that has been set in the kiosk management settings.

Step 2 – Patron Returns unit and Netspot Wipes the Memory and Re-images the IPad When patron returns the IPad, the kiosk immediately wipes the memory for patron privacy and checks the unit back into inventory in the libraries ILS. The patron receives a receipt for proof of checking in the IPad that is time and date stamped. The unit  is re-imaged with the latest image on file with the kiosk and is ready for immediate checkout again by a patron.

Step 3 – Kiosk Automatically Updates Apps and IOS Software When IPad’s are docked in the kiosk, the Netspot monitors them 24/7 for the health of each unit. App updates and IOS updates are applied when the library is closed to minimize impact of device availability.

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Netspots IPad Lending Kiosk for Libraries

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