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Evolve EAS iRange Antennas

Evolve EAS iRange Antennas

Shrink Management and Operational Excellence Solutions

Retailers must constantly adapt to keep up with a fast-paced industry and relentless competition. More than ever before, it’s crucial to attract new customers and keep them coming back. Retailers know that by reducing shrink, increasing shelf availability and achieving operational excellence they can retain customers while improving bottom line performance. 

As a global leader in shrink management, merchandise visibility and apparel labeling solutions, Checkpoint is committed to helping its customers achieve greater operational excellence. With a sharp focus on improving its products and services, Checkpoint strives to help retailers and their suppliers reduce shrink, improve merchandise availability and leverage real-time data in ways never before possible. 

As part of this commitment, Checkpoint continues to innovate and deliver new functionality in its Evolve EAS iRange Antennas platform. Through a combination of new and advanced software, electronics and firmware upgrades, EVOLVE extends its ability to help retailers grow their business profitably.

Evolve Antennas Offer: 

Distinguish Between a Live Tag Entering and Exiting a Store

Proactive EAS Management – The Key to Success

Booster Bag Detection

Intelligent Deactivation

Integrated Visitor Counting

Reduced Energy Consumption

A Modular Approach to System Expansion