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D-Tech Library RFID Security Systems In Atlanta Georgia

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Murphy’s Security Solutions

Official D-Tech USA RFID Partner for Atlanta Georgia

About Our Premier Partner D-Tech

When we first established D-Tech in 1998, RFID was a very new technology. D-Tech was one of the first to introduce Radio Frequency Identification-based products and systems into libraries. Radio Frequency Identification is no longer just about self service, it’s now scoped beyond that and its destiny is changing. This is why we have invested time and finances into extending and developing our own products so that our customers can deliver new, exciting and cost-effective services within shorter deadlines. Our objective is to deliver innovative and cost-effective solutions to help our customers operate within a difficult economic environment.

As an independent company, we are best positioned to offer excellent value products, supported by top-level customer service and the freedom to innovate and be creative.

We see RFID as a way for you to deliver services smarter, faster and in the way consumers want to receive them. No queues or long waiting times, no access problems or customer service issues but longer opening hours, enhanced customer services and improved stock availability.

The D-Tech solution provides improved security, flexibility in stock management and inventory control, as well as improved data collection and trend analysis. We are also one of the first companies to introduce 24-hour vending to libraries.

RFID frees staff from behind the counter tasks and allows them to interact with library visitors, develop new services and benefit from faster and smarter transactions.

Our D-Tech RFID systems have been awarded the platinum award in 2016 modern library awards from Library Works.

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