Book Vending Kiosk LendIT™

LendIT™ Fully Automated Book Vending Kiosk

LendIT™ Book Vending Kiosk is the latest product from D-Tech which dispenses items to library users anywhere in your area be it at your local shopping mall, train station, community centers, municipality buildings, or hospitals – the possibilities are endless.

LendIT™ Book Vending Kiosk can hold 200,400,600,800 or 1000 items depending on your needs. Items can be Books, CDs or DVDs. The software uses flow control and can display titles, images and captions. Users can also search for item by Title, Author or Subject. Once an item is selected lendIT™ locates the item and delivers it to the user via the access door. A library you can place anywhere!

lendIT™ Features

  • Holds 20% more items than other similar systems .
  • Fewer moving parts = Less Maintenance.
  • Connects to any library ILS.
  • Available for indoor or outdoor use.
  • Fully climatized.
  • Easy automatic loading for staff.
  • Fully circulates items at same location like a branch library.
  • No return bins for library staff to manage.

Book vending Station