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CCTV Products

Murphy Security Solutions protects your assets around the clock

Murphy Security Solutions offers a full range of high-quality, commercial-grade CCTV security solutions tailored especially for retailers.

Security products and services include:

Knowledgeable, consultative security sales service team
Custom-tailored CCTV systems
Closed-circuit television (CCTV) and other video surveillance tools,
including a full line of digital video recorders
State-of-the-art customizable public view systems
Dedicated technical support for CCTV
Complete service organization for all security products

From application design through installation, service and support, Murphy Security Solution’s extensive experience in protecting retail assets is clearly evident. Centrally managed service further ensures consistency and quality control. Think of Murphy Security Solutions as a single source for all your loss prevention and CCTV security needs.

How can CCTV help?

Closed-circuit television (CCTV) and other video surveillance tools are rapidly expanding their role in retail loss prevention and asset protection. Murphy Security Solutions offers digital video technologies that make image storage and retrieval easier and let you transmit video images to and from remote locations via a network connection. By carrying a wide variety of embedded and PC-based digital video recorders, Murphy Security Solutions ensures the best solution for each installation.
CCTV can help:

Reduce internal and external theft
Deter robberies and break-ins
Boost productivity
Provide security for employees and customers inside the store and out
Minimize the likelihood of false slip-and-fall claims
Provide evidence of events

Fixed Color Camera:

Murphy Security Solutions offers a wide variety of fixed color cameras and fixed color domes for your loss prevention needs. From Ganz fixed color cameras, Panasonic fixed color cameras, and Pelco color cameras, Murphy Security Solutions can handle your fixed color needs and preferences. 

Digital Video Recorders:

Murphy Security Solutions offers a wide variety of Digital Video Recorders for your loss prevention needs. From Integral DVR’s, Intellix DVR’s and Dedicated Micros DVR’s, Murphy Security Solutions can handle your Digital Video Recorder requirements.

Remote Video Surveillance:

Watch multiple sites from a single location

Checkpoint’s remote video surveillance products allow users to send full-frame video image files to remote locations over standard phone lines or wide-band networks such as ISDN, DSL, T1 and WANs. Digital video images can be stored electronically for review. The CCTV and alarm system can be to provide a complete video record of activity before, during, and after an alarm is triggered.

Checkpoint surveillance offers premium performance

Checkpoint had the retailer in mind when it created its full-featured Clarity® pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) systems. Clarity offers greater flexibility and more functionality for the money than any other video surveillance system. This fast, responsive system provides clear, high-quality color video. The Clarity Concept™ joystick controller makes it easy to select viewing monitors, control multiple domes and fixed cameras, and access user-programmable features. Convenience features include two programmable guard tours per dome, and one-touch “Hot Key” activation for system commands.

The Clarity PTZ
The Clarity PTZ product line includes:

High-speed, high-resolution Clarity digital CCD PTZ cameras for drop-ceiling, pendant
or exterior applications
Look-alike Clarity decoy domes that extend system equity
Microprocessor-based Clarity Concept joystick controller
Alarm input modules for PTZ and fixed position domes
Matrix video switcher expandable to 96 video inputs
A comprehensive range of accessories to help you get the most from your Clarity system

If you’re interested in CCTV product brochures, please call us at 1.877.482.4682 or email us at Sales@MurphySecuritySolutions.comCCTV Products