Alpha Single Use Tags

Alpha Single Use Tags provide retailers one time use tags that can be de-activated at the point of sale and stay on the merchandise.  This increases productivity of the sales associates and speeds customers through check-out.

Blister Tags
Blister Tag Alpha Single Use TagsThe Blister Tag is highly effective in reinforcing the die-cut peg hole in clamshell or blister packaged merchandise. The one-way clip is easy to use and makes sweeping from a peg hook difficult while maintaining the integrity of the packaging.

  • Provides a strong visual deterrent to shoplifters
  • Unique design includes center hole to accommodate a variety of merchandise
  • Applied in store and removed by the consumer after purchase
  • Reinforcement of the die-cut peg hole adds security

Shark Tag
Shark Tag Alpha Single Use TagsThe Shark Tag® is very effective in preventing customers from purchasing, using and returning merchandise for a full refund. The Shark Tag attaches to the garment with a pin in a visible area — the bright red color is attention-getting and signifies that the merchandise is being secured. Shark Tags are easily removed by the customer at home.

  • Provides a strong visual deterrent
  • Tag cannot be replaced on the garment after removal providing evidence of tampering
  • Garment cannot be returned for a full refund unless Shark Tag is still in place
  • Consumer removal with easy-to-follow instructions on optional printed tag (can be customized)
  • Pin and locking teeth safely secure garments without damage
  • Can be used to reinforce your store return policy
  • Great for online and catalog retailers to prevent “wardrobing” and used returns
  • Can be source-applied or applied in the store
  • Smooth side allows for custom logo or any other desired message