Alpha Hard Tags


2 & 3 Alarm Hard Tag
Alpha hard tagsSpecifically designed to help you lose less and sell more, Alpha’s 2 & 3 Alarm Hard Tags protect your high-end fashion items. The sleek, fashion-forward design complements apparel while the unified look of the entire Hard Tag line provides merchandising continuity.



  • 95 dBA alarm
  • Flashing LED light
  • Isolated sound chamber
  • Easy to apply and remove
  • Tough, secure and reusable

3 Alarm Thunder Tag
Alpha Hard TagsUsing tablets for your mobile POS system can be convenient but if left unprotected can increase the likelihood of theft. Alpha’s new 3 Alarm® Thunder Tag™ attaches easily with a custom adhesive, giving you the security you need. It’s low profile makes it the perfect solution for a variety of mobile devices and other merchandise.


  • Textured button slides to arm and disarm the tag
  • Flashing LED provides strong visual deterrent
  • 95 dBA alarm
  • Plunger detects tampering and triggers the alarm
  • Long lasting battery life

Branded Hard Tags
Alpha hard tagsOur new Banded Hard Tag provides protection for items where a standard hard tag may not apply. Instead of two separate pieces, the pin is already attached to the tag making application quick and easy.



  • Standard or Super clutch strengths
  • Eliminates loose pins on the floor or left in merchandise creating a safer work environment
  • More economical — no pins are lost during the recycle process
  • Even if band is cut, pin will prevent removal of the tag from the item
  • Replacement pins are available to extend the life of the tag

Cobra Hard Tag
alpha hard tagsCobra, one of our newest Hard Tags, is specifically designed to protect six-sided boxed merchandise and electronics. Cobra attaches to the merchandise using an adhesive-backed, disposable sled. Cobra’s alarming module attaches to the sled with a twist making it easy for associates to apply and remove, but the smooth, rounded module fits flush to the merchandise which increases the difficulty for thieves to pry off.


  • Available in 2 and 3 Alarm
  • 95 dBA alarm and flashing LED light
  • Compact design for improved merchandising
  • Reusable module
  • Disposable adhesive sled
  • Quick and easy to apply and remove

Eyewear Tag
Alpha hard tagsProtect this year’s hottest sunglasses and prescription eyewear with the Eyewear Tag. The Eyewear Tag provides durable construction with a protective cushion that securely holds and protects eyewear.



  • Multiple sizes to fit all types of frames
  • Durable construction
  • Easy to recycle and reuse
  • Unobtrusive and fits display fixtures
  • Protective cushion that securely holds and protects merchandise

Fashion 3 Accessory Tag
Alpha Hard TagsAlpha’s small and sleek Fashion 3 Accessory Tag complements your high-end apparel. The tag’s design provides merchandising continuity with the entire Hard Tag line.



  • Standard Lock or Super Lock
  • Tag can be used with pin or lanyard
  • Easy to recycle and reuse
  • Unobtrusive Two color options — beige or black

Hang Tag
Alpha Hang TagAlpha has a complete line of Hard Tags for your high-theft merchandise. The Dual and Single Rod Hang Tags are highly effective for securing clamshell packaged merchandise.



  • Two pin options — long or short
  • Tough, secure and reusable
  • Easy to apply and remove

Ink Tag
Alpha Ink Hard TagThe Ink Tag is perfect for a variety of apparel merchandise. If an item secured with an Ink Tag is stolen, the merchandise will be ruined when the thief tries to remove the Ink Tag, denying the thief the benefit of the product.

  • EAS Alarm is activated when a breach occurs
  • Available in S3, Standard or Super Lock clutch strengths
  • Comes in two color options: Gray or beige
  • Easy to recycle and reuse
  • Unobtrusive
  • Transparent round head pin

Mag Tag
Mag TagThe Mag Tag is versatile and highly effective, maximizing your display options by providing security for everything from soft goods to clamshell packaged merchandise.



  • Attach with Mag Tag Pin or Lanyards in three lengths: 2”, 3″ and 9”
  • Pin will not damage delicate fabrics
  • Lanyard fits through shoe eyelets and other small openings
  • Easy to apply and remove
  • Lightweight and unobtrusive

Multi-TagThe Multi-Tag provides durable construction with a protective cushion that securely holds and protects hard-to-secure items. For even stronger security, get the Multi-Tag with Alpha’s XT locking mechanism. The high integrity ball clutch is tough to defeat, designed to perform under the most extreme environments to ensure your merchandise is secure, and you achieve your loss prevention objectives.


  • Available in S3 clutch
  • Tough, secure and reusable
  • Easy to apply and remove

O-TagThe O-Tag provides protection for uniquely-shaped merchandise while allowing safe customer interaction. It’s perfect for golf clubs, baseball bats, corded electronics and much more. Its one-piece design provides ease of application and removal at checkout.



  • Doesn’t hinder product appearance
  • Tough, secure and reusable
  • Has protective inner cushion so merchandise will not be damaged
  • Comes in two sizes: small and large